May 16th, 2006

aquatic, the life

sometimes i feel like i'm in a movie

vienna beef was doing a crazy promotion at the thompson center so there is a stage set up and super hero hot dogs walking around handing out fliers and talking to cops. immediately after snapping this picture the one on the right started walking towards me saying, "hey, if you're going to take a picture, you should take a flier!" let me tell you. after 10 years of not eating beef, that was a scary sight!

this scene took place immediately after a cop flipped his sirens on to cross a busy intersection but a sun times truck crossed the street before him and then a cabbie yelled out "see! this is why i don't buy the sun times!" i chuckled but no one else seemed to have caught it.


last night a bunch of us went for 10 cent wings at cleo's --> dan, danelle, becky and shawn/sean went home --> myself, z, james and co. tried out a new bar called the high dive that i kept calling "the dive bar" by mistake --> z and i left james and his mack daddy crew of two and walked to darkroom to say hi to arturo djing the last mixtape monday. the minimum at cleo's is $15 so we were out of there after he played a polish hiphop song (and i called natalia but she didn't pick up). i love my neighborhood. i never want to move away. z and i came back and watched 'the ice harvest' which receives two lions from me. sucktacular. the nightwalker, on the other hand receives one no lion. it was like a twilight zone episode and there was a pretty good twist at the end. i was watching it out of the corner of my eye while i worked on my contribution for the sampler. when i was finished, i got sucked in even though z had fallen asleep. it was only after i had finished my contribution that i realized the due date wasn't even until may 27th, so boo. at least this time i got it done early!

one funny addendum: jason anderson said "[i] consistently date VERY CUTE boys." aw, i love him. he'll be opening for tilly and the wall on 7/3 - 7/15, so you should go see him. right now he's on tour with harry and the potters!
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