May 12th, 2006

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the most perfect birthday

i left work wednesday at noon to meet zachary outside the chicago theatre where he'd been waiting since 9:30am. we did a lot more waiting. they let us in around 3:15. dave chappelle and common were the guests and, while it was a good time, i don't know if i'd wait in line that long again unless it was one of my favorite celebrities. conan was funny. max weinberg and co. were in top form. dave chappelle seemed sedated, but still cracked a couple of funny lines, most notably about jessica simpson giving him some sugar and him leaving his mouth open, just a little. everything seemed so SHORT compared to when you're watching on tv. i saw kevin, paul's friend and now rooomate (which i only recently learned) and i had forgotten he worked for lil' eddie's record label, alligator records, so he had a box. lucky!

after conan i went to my first YELP meet up at cereality. it was a lot of fun. i met some nice yelpers there. what is yelp? it's a site where users write reviews of anything ranging from restaurants to dentists. i am totally in love with it. my invite link can be found here. if you love writing your own reviews and reading others, i suggest you sign up!

we came back to my place to drop off some stuff and i ogled the cake danelle had made. then we went to dinner @ think cafe where ryvkah asked if she could hug me. she is such a sweetheart. we had a delicious meal even though my favorite dish, peto ala carciofi, had changed the mashed potatoes from garlic to horseradish seasoned, it was great. zachary got the duck risotto which blew me away. that place is top notch i tell you. they've just added another room upstairs which ryvkah's son, josh, shuttled us up to see.

after that we went to drop off some of z's movies at odd obsession which i had never been to before. it's mind blowing how many quality movies you have never heard of that brian has for rent there. we talked to him about his upcoming move on june 1st to a location in bucktown/wicker park. i can't wait! also, i got bitten by one of his birds but then we made up and the bird sat on my shoulder and then nibbled on my hair.

the night ended brilliantly with zachary giving me my presents (a jonathan lethem which was on my amazon wishlist and one of his favorite short story collections by raymond carver. he read me a story from it entitled "why don't you dance?" and then there was sleep.
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