May 2nd, 2006

aquatic, the life


today is our one month anniversary. you may think this is no big deal, but it's the most solid relationship either of us has ever had. those of you that do not live in chicago have not witnessed our schmoopieness (as alison calls it), but i can assure you, you might think it's kind of gross. this is the best. ever.

i don't think i've said anything about this on lj but, thanks to michael tonydanza's prodding, i have finally started my training to be a volunteer dog walker at furry friends foundation. it's a no kill animal shelter fairly near my house and the work that they do is so good. after i shadow three more walks tonight (hopefully), i'll be able to start walking dogs on my own. man, dogs are awesome. i mean, we already knew that. the cats are awesome too and it's an overwhelming number of cats. they have lots of ramps and stairs for the cats to get up to the high places. it's nuts in a good way!

also, my internship with mpshows is going well. i really like everyone there and i feel like i am getting a good feel for it. i worked friday and saturday night. shoplifting/the punks was fun. kamikaze hearts were great. speaking of mpshows and south union arts - we are on myspace. you should add us: MPshows + South Union Arts!

i've been pretty tired these days but i feel a lot more satisfied. PLUS, today when zachary and i were at lunch (argo tea & cafe) i came up with two really good greeting card ideas, so i am psyched to do that. there are never enough hours in the day.
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