May 1st, 2006

against demons

a letter meme from susie g.

this is how it works: comment on this entry + i will give you a letter. write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation of what the word means to you + why. then pass out letters to those who want to play along.

susie boygirlparty chose the letter "g" for me:

gah!: an exclamation i use often online and occasionally IRL. there is a negative connotation related to this word. if i'm feeling annoyed, overwhelmed, or am just having a bad day in general, this word pops off my fingers and onto the screen.

giblets/b gibby/ben gibbard: this pretty much only applies when i am talking with stephanie and laura about ben gibbard, but that's one of his nicknames. this was prior to ginny's nickname being giblets. i don't think i ever told her that though.

glee: i am full of a lot of this these days. gleeful + leigh = gleefully.

goodbye tsugumi: an amazing read by banana yoshimoto. everyone should read this and amrita by her. i don't even want to say anything. i just want you to get sucked into it. a lengthy novel but a page turner.

google: totes my boyfriend/fiance/lover. google is my favorite search engine, free webmail service, bargain hunter (froogle), map service. i love google.

googly minotaur: do any of you old school radiohead fans remember iming with this IMbot? it was incredible!

grackle: see here. these birds are everywhere down in austin. i kind of love them and their weird screamy bird call, and the fact that they are shimmery black and blue.

greenwood, jonny: oh, ye of the stabbingly sharp cheekbones and fantastical fringe. w.a.s.t.e. has let me down and radiohead have announced their freakin' tour but not via their mailing list. w the f, dudes?

gubbins: is dan's creation. when stephanie and dan were trying to lull me out of bed one weekend afternoon, i said that we had to decide
where we were going in hip hop lingo. i started out with "yo. let's get our grub on," and dan laughed and said that there was no wayyyy that was current lingo and that it'd actually be: "yo man. let's go get some gubbins." and it was born. later that week i discovered that the word gubbins was also slang for bits and parts in the uk, but i would like a second entry to be added to the dictionary for delicious foodstuffs!

guffaw: when i laugh it tends to be one of these. my friends are hilarious. you are hilarious. you are my friends. i am prone to bursts of laughter.

comment if you'd like me to give you a letter to play along.
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