April 26th, 2006

gushy gush

flickr photos up: easter + april yule's spring swap soiree

easter - sunday, 2006-04-16

april yule's spring swap soiree - saturday, 2006-04-22

the above are just some of my favorites out of the bunches taken. i didn't use flash much at the april yule's party probably because i was in various states of inebriation much of the night. that party was off the hook and, even with some friends not showing up (jerroid, brendan, megan f.), we still had a huge turnout and ended up with 3 bags of trash, the dirtiest floors ever (thanks danelle), an old school mp3 player (can this even be so) being broken into pieces, whipped cream fights, and much touching of packages. ahh, good times.

i haven't been saying that much lately. i have been very good; blissful actually. i have seen a certain boy with a name starting with a z everyday since march 31st. he has brought tears of joy to my eyes. he is that wonderful. anyway, he has an lj he hasn't updated in ages ( crazypanda ) if you want to scope out words he's written. it's kind of sick what peas in a pod we are.
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