March 29th, 2006

aquatic, the life

chicagoans: conan o'brien in may!

michael concept_engine just reminded me about conan o'brien filming in chicago in may. as some of you may remember, my bday is may 10th. everyone should go here and enter your name in for a chance for a pair of two tickets to see a live taping of conan sometime between tuesday, may 9th and friday, may 12th. if you happen to get a ticket to the may 10th show, i'd be much obliged if you would take me (provided i don't get my own tix).

my stomach is growling. since i forgot to bring a lunch and i sold my old stereo off craigslist last night, i am going to eat at tokyo lunchbox. okay, you know i would have gone there even if i hadn't sold my stereo. i allow myself to go there once a week. i love the food and the staff there. i feel like my relationship with them is becoming on par with four seasons, except that instead of pickles i get free miso soup sometimes.
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