March 15th, 2006

aquatic, the life

and my (green) heart skipped a beat over you

woo! yes, i just sewed a green heart onto my black zip up jacket. i am too excited to sleep. this is going to be a pain in 24 hours from now when i collapse in front of a plethora of fellow indie rockers. oh man. oh man. reeling. wallace and grommit was the best movie i have seen in ages. i think everyone should be required to see it. oh my effin' gosh. the bunny vacuum. i hope to have dreams of it tonight!
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    and wouldn't it be nice if we could live twice in just one..
aquatic, the life

sxsw schedule wishful thinking?

this is my goal for today. hopefully i'll be able to hop onto amiee's computer (if she indeed has one; i don't know if she does) and update with tomorrow's possible schedule. xoxo, leigh


emo's jr.
8p owen
9p headlights
10p the m's

habana calle 6
11p thebrotherkite

12a julie doiron

lava lounge patio
12:45a maritime
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    diana typing