March 14th, 2006

aquatic, the life

a buzzing beedog?

anyone who has not seen beedogs yet, please do so now!

sunday night josh and i met james and dan at delilah's for val capone's dj set. she played awesome stuff and i drank strongbow. how did i forget that they have strongbow on tap? i am forever grateful to liz for turning me onto its' deliciousness. afterwards i drove tipsy josh home and we sang along to the smiths (again). though i don't think i'll be able to see him at sxsw since i only have a wristband as opposed to a badge, i pine for morrissey. sigh.

speaking of sxsw, i am in that mood where i am ultra psyched for it but i feel like i'll explode if i keep thinking about leaving tomorrow. last night i went to josh's to drop off the router i am letting him borrow, then took him back to my place to eat and watch 'walk the line' with dan. i texted myself a 'to do' list this morning so i'd be ready to tackle all of the tasks i must get finished tonight so i can leave straight from work tomorrow! egads. it will be strange taking the L to midway instead of o'hare. r.i.p. independence air.

ps. thanks to erica for re-posting the link to the last 40 images posted to lj.
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