February 20th, 2006

aquatic, the life

it's the small accomplishments...

for dinner dan, brandy, josh, and i went to sher a punjab on devon. then i helped josh get a coffee table that nadia was selling and, for myself, bought her stereo that had a working double tape deck (yay). his friend chris picked him and said table up.

danelle, stephanie, and i went to an estate sale where there was a plethora of amazing amazing stuff. i ended up with two things i'm fixin' to use as displays at craft fairs; one of which everyone thinks looks like a a 3-d chessboard, and an awesome orange desk lamp. then we dropped off stephanie and continued on to lombard and an estate sale there. i scored two amazing matching end tables and a pot and pan for josh. i came back, collected stephanie, went to get a haircut at robert jeffrey with sara while stephanie dined at chicago diner. then later on we had a semi-potluck where a good handful of kids came and i made my mom's chicken spaghetti, sans chicken. we also had a cake from alliance, good hearty bread, ginny's creamed onions and tsatsiki with pita. brandy got back and we celebrated brandy's birthday at the hideout.

got up kind of late. brandy, dan, stephanie, and i went to bleeding heart bakery. i went to find jennifer a bday present and then ginny and i went to high tea for jennifer's birthday at the peninsula. it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and i am so glad jennifer chose that as a way to celebrate. also, we made a new friend named kris whose film collaboration with her boyfriend and a couple other people is called kissing on the mouth and has screened at SXSW. we're going to meet up at SXSW too since they'll be screening something else down there of her or her bf's (i can't remember). the rest of the day kind of dripped away. i put up some stuff on craigslist way too late; soap stuff and my stereo with the broken tape deck.

it was a good weekend and i am ultra psyched to have today off even though our hot water is still not working. W THE F. now i go meet josh and chris to do something and probably help him figure out how to arrange the ikea klippan he just bought.
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