February 14th, 2006

aquatic, the life

happy valentine's day, loves. you are all my valentines.

you light up my life continuously. you inspire and impress me with your strength, creativity, and love.

///thank you for:
being my friend (irl or otherwise)
letting me cry on your shoulder
letting me nuzzle you like a horse
bringing me chai lattes and watching v mars with me
brainstorming craft ideas together and crafting in the same room
giggling with me
laughing mother fucking loud in $5 movies with me
geeking out over records that no one else has ever heard of
working on music with me
going to restaurants with me
talking on the phone hours upon hours
making me mixes over the years
+ so many other things that i don't have the time to type out.


peer pressure. do my johari window here, please.

i am sure all my crafty ladies know about fred flare's next big thing, but i might try my hand at it this year too. i feel that i have a few unique craft ideas. oh yeah, oh that tip, i need to just buckle down and do my sampler contribution and mail it off. if tonight we're v-day and i wasn't going out to dinner with friends, i'd just stay at home to finish it up. on my lunch break i plan on completing the final drawing i need to copy so i can start goccoing. maybe i'll gocco after we all scatter after dinner, if that indeed happens. this is a v day of reflection for me.

pee pee s: http://www.pmateusa.com/
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