February 8th, 2006

aquatic, the life

i could be the steve almond of organic candy?

i am not vegan (nor vegetarian), but i am a fan of sweets, and as you may know i have been weirded out by lack of thoroughness in most labels. when i placed an order for vitamins with vegan essentials, a couple of treats looked delectable. my intention was to just take a nibble of each thing and then save the rest for later. i got boston cookies - chocolate fudge brownie, the vegan baking co.'s chocolate peppermint cream, tree huggin treats - marshmallow crispy cat. the crispy cat was foul. i mean, we're talking 'not spitting out the bite i took was difficult' foul. i opened the chocolate peppermint cream and dudes, oh my god. heaven! the packaging of junior mints never used to say gelatin, but now it says gelatin. w the f. SO, finding an amazing replacement is pretty much the best thing ever. granted, one of these was $2.39 on vegan essentials, but if you buy straight from the source, the vegan baking company, they're a tad cheaper. i'm in love. i am going to wait a couple of days to eat the fudge brownie since good god, i baked like 4 dozen of those awesome christmas chippers because i am trying to rid my cabinets of all sugary stuff so i can get back on track with diet and exercise. i know, i know. how long have i been saying this? it will happen. i've just been trying to get all this other little stuff i have been putting off out of the way so i can surrender myself fully. :)
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