January 23rd, 2006

aquatic, the life

the only two good i can truly say were good about today:

1) knowing that; had he not been working, josh would have brought over chicken noodle soup earlier. knowing that he will make up a bedtime story for me tonight if i can't sleep.

2) one of you guys had posted it on your journal, but i couldn't figure out who so i googled bjork and wiretapping to find it: A SELECTION FROM GEORGE W. BUSH'S EAVESDROPPING TAPES: MATTHEW BARNEY AND BJÖRK PLACE AN IKEA PHONE ORDER.

i started feeling sick again yesterday. today it doubled in sucktitude. i feel it all over. muscle aches. chills. cold sweat. sore throat. headaches. i am still taking the meds the doc gave me last week and, while my tonsils look hella better, everything else feels worse. i had three blissful non sick feeling days this weekend and then, WHAM. for some reason i think it had to do with the space heater we had pointed at the bed saturday night? is that possible? either way, staying late at work today did not help. i had to put together a bunch of witness files together. by the end of xeroxing, i could not even see straight and felt faint and sticky hot. i walked outside and the cold hit my face and i hailed a cab and, once inside the cab, texted dan asking to bring me some soup, but he was already home. i started crying in the cab because everything hurt and josh called and he was so nice it just made me want to cry more (he really is top notch). i had the cabbie drop me at augusta and ashland so i could go to the corner store. i bought 2 defense vitamin waters, 3 cans of campbell's soup (2 chicken noodle, 1 chicken and rice), 2 containers of ben & jerry's (1 chocolate, 1 fudge brownie), and two bananas. i came home and downed a can of chicken noodle, a vitamin water, and a banana and promptly passed out. i woke up at 8:30 feeling hazy and freezing cold. i told danelle if i could pay $1,000 to stop being sick right now, i would. i would. there are a lot of things i want/need to do but can't bring myself to while in this state.
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