January 11th, 2006

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blood rayne

the best worst movie ever. blood rayne is bound to go down in history as one of the worst movies ever. james guessed that maybe it cost $8 to make. i'm thinking more like $10,000 but not much over that. i shudder to think how much the actual budget was since i cannot believe how absolutely pathetic it was. honestly, at this point in my life i am digging seeing TERRIBLE $5 movies FAR more than quality $9.50 movies because my friends are FREAKING AMAZING. ginny and i were cracking up at all the gaping plotholes, terrible acting, bad costume design, the enunciation/accents of characters, the meatloaf orgy scene, ben kingsley (what are you doing in this movie?), and the sex against the metal door. michael madsen's overdubs were most likely recorded in a bathroom or while he watching tv on mute. josh is laughing at how loud we are laughing. i glance over past josh and james is holding his hands up towards the gods asking, "W THE F!?" again i say, best worst movie ever.

re: rayne's 2nd costume in the film: "we had our seamstress whip something up for you" and it was the SAME OUTFIT but in leather, like a pair of chaps with red panties built into the design. erk? visually, it is what the video game character's outfit looked like but it fits wonkily and i have no idea why they kept showing butt shots since it's just saggy. see it yourself along with michael madsen's mullet here.
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