December 23rd, 2005

aquatic, the life

repeat the sounding joy...

my dad is playing christmas carols downstairs. i'm pretty sure that every year i have written a post like that. :) i woke up at 3pm today and i still don't feel recovered. my throat is yet again throbbing in pain. w the f!

last night's agenda:

+ dad picked dan and i up at 8:06 at dulles
+ dropped dan off
+ came home & chilled for awhile & petted shadow
+ drove to galaxy hut to meet tom and dan (balki) and see the mistletones + saw john masters
+ ian s. was like, "where did you move!?" and we talked about chicago, his new book, and my playing music and i asked if he was going to black cat the next night and then i challenged him to a dance off, which i fully intend on winning. this is a picture of us in front of the cop car that showed up at the hut due to fire code. oh, yeah, my digital baby is broken. looks like someone will be buying a new cam soon. :(

+ drove to dc9 with tom, caught up with him and ran into karyn and met damien, and re-met jeremy
+ tom dropped jeremy and i off at ben's chili bowl. oh my.
+ we walked back to dc9 and i said goodbye
+ i got diver city house at like 1:30 and briefly talked to peter then went upstairs and chilled and caught up with carol drknbutterfly and left around 3 something?
+ got back, emailed the photo above to a boy who would have been (and was) jealous of it just because i thought it would be funny/cute. actually, that's why i even took a photo with ian in the first place.
+ slept slept slept until 3.
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    dad playing christmas songs downstairs.