December 2nd, 2005

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singing & travel

i got the okay from jason and i am going to cover this song for the split ep. i've been singing it when i'm outside and humming it all day long. when i left work to go to the bank, there were 15 firefighters in the lobby of my building. i scratched my head but forged on to the bank. when i got back the firefighters were still there and an additional 10 people were milling around in the lobby waiting to go upstairs. the elevators weren't working and i didn't feet like walking up 16 flights of stairs. suddenly it was okay to go upstairs, so i was back in the office. it turns out there was a fire in between our building and a building on madison. firetrucks continued to block off la salle and madison an additional couple of hours. fun times!

random bits of TRAVEL information:

+ i am bummed, but i had to cancel my trip to seattle for the twee, pop fest to do more song writing/crafting since this is such a pivotal time.
+ i had to postpone my trip back home this weekend to record with gavin up to the 16th - 18th because i just felt i needed to work on the songs more since i won't have a chance to go back and re-record bits with him. i want to have all the songs done.
+ for new year's eve i am going to be in boston from 11am on the 31st until 4:45pm december 1st. i'll be meeting up with PAUL B., NANCY L., and DAN C. and seeing JASON ANDERSON. i really can't think of a better way to ring in 2006 than seeing my favorite singer/songwriter with people i adore.
+ in 2006 i am planning visits to the northwest, oakland (ca), and austin tx for sxsw (i will be yr merch girl for a bracelet). i would also like to make it up to see pamela ageofscience.

tonight is going to be low key with me doing packaging for stuff i am sending to granny janice @ copacetique. then i'll be meeting up with stephanie for a late dinner @ schuba's harmony grille. tomorrow's schedule is nuts, absolutely nuts. i don't even want to think about it, but i know it will all be awesome. i know that sunday will have to be a day of rest though. oh my.
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