November 23rd, 2005

aquatic, the life

deliciousness of vegan marshmallows

yesterday patricia and i decided to go to the bleeding heart bakery and on our way over there i remembered that michael said their vegan marshmallows were to die for, so i was pumped to get them for the sweet potato casserole! no luck because when we got there they were sold out, but i got a marshmallow brownie that was the most delicious brownie ever in the history of the world. they are not vegan, but they did have two vegan brownies! $3 may sound pretty steep for a brownie but it totally wins in a quality for your dollar fight against a cupcake from cupcakes (lincoln park). everything is made with organic and locally farmed ingredients. they also stock (be still my heart) river valley kitchen (formerly shrooms kitchen) goods. i was sad about the 'mallows, but i was told that there would be more in the morning, but that i couldn't place a special order unless i did it 48 hours in advance. since they open at 6:30, i figured i could swing by before work and that's exactly what i did. since my car was parked in an enforced 6am-6pm permit zone, i left in time to be there at opening. the chef had not arrived yet, so i was left alone with the barrista who brought me tea in apology. amazingly, i was feeling really springy for it being 6:30. i sipped the mint tea and read mags and waitied patiently for the 'mallows. i've only had these vegan marshmallows before and let me tell you; they do not hold a CANDLE to BHB's. i ate two in my car on my way home and couldn't believe it! anyways, now i get to have a proper sweet potato caserole!

after BHB and edmar last night, i dropped patricia off and dan and i went to whole foods, cub foods, and finally jewel to find a turkey that 1) was fresh not frozen and 2) not out of my price range. most of the turkeys at whole foods were $40! one was $35. do the prices get hiked up around the holidays because i swear back in march i didn't pay anywhere near that much. anyways, jewel was a charm and dan got the goods to make a banana creme pie. i have everything i need except for a roaster pan which i plan to buy this afternoon. s.o.d. said something about us leaving early but peter didn't say anything before running off to a meeting. i didn't i am starving and i wish i'd brought some gubbins, however, since i figured we were getting out early, i didn't bring eats.
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aquatic, the life

thanksgiving emergency!

i fear that we may have far too much food and far too few people. if you are in the chicago area and would like to come over, please get in touch. here's the event invitation on myspace. seriously, anyone without plans who is a friend or a friend of a friend is welcome! right now it's just FOUR people to attack a monstrous amount of food and one of whom only eats meat when drunk and it is forced upon her (that sounds dirty).

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