November 21st, 2005

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"kiss me with apocalypse..."

the above is myself with gruff rhys from super furry animals. huge hearts for this band. gruff totally remembered me interviewing them back in like 1998 at the old black cat. we talked about sgwlrm (?), his brother's dog = the most super (the most furry animal) and how she had a litter of puppies. the show was great. i missed a bunch of caribou's set (thanks to michael tonydanza being lousy at directions, har har). short/long: i <3 me some SFA.

this weekend was actually pretty awesome. i saw headlights on friday night at subterranean. again, definitely the best chicago area band around. immediately following the show i got on the road to milwaukee and showed up at stephanie's around 2:30. the next morning we met up with brandy and jeremy at beans & barley. then we said goodbye to brandy and stephanie, jeremy and i went to art vs. craft. by far the best craft fair i have been to. everything was such high quality + all of the vendors were amazingly nice. i spent far too much money on a necklace, but it is the most beautiful thing stephanie and i had ever laid eyes on, so i justified it with the fact i could charge it (sad face). the company who made it is fiery lion. i also bought a zine from roman_holiday, who was spectacularly nice (ps. no wonder michelle's lj name sounded so familiar. she's only friends with 31 of you guys). after art vs. craft i went to jeremy's and we decided to try to write a song and came up with a really good sound for it but then we had to go to riverhorse so he could do his job (camel guy - yes, totally gross). it was awesome seeing aaron & michael and meeting steven discreet_charm. i <3 mke. i thought today we were going to work on the song more this morning, but jeremy was hung the fuck over and refused to get up, so stephanie and i went out to get some delicious gubbins at jean-pierre (sp?) and then i went back and napped and later we went to shaharazad (sp?) for dinner.

the song process is supposed to continue with jeremy on thursday because he said he'd bring his stuff down so we could work some more on it since he'll be attending our thanksgiving. who else is coming?

michael was going back to chicago as well, so i gave him a ride and then drove straight from his place to pick up tim pogo to go to SFA and met up with rachel there. i didn't even go home to change clothes or anything. the show was so great. gruff threw celery out into the audience after making crunching noises with it into the mic. god, seriously, one of the best live shows to possibly see. kristina dreamallday, i am looking at you! they are in mpls monday. go see them!
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aquatic, the life

band name question.

seeing as i am getting serious about this whole making music thing, i really want to be married to a name. i actually really do like my current name my_old_sunsets, however, i don't feel it's fitting of the type of music i have and will be making. during lunch today i thought of the name 'so said the sunset'. stephanie says that it sounds super emo. i really like it. say it aloud. it sounds beautiful. i love alliteration. i also like 'said the sunset', but less so. what do you think? when gruff and i were talking last night he told me asked me the name i was going by and i answered with 'my old sunsets' and he thought about it for a moment and said he really liked that and that each release could have a different sunset as the cover and how cool that would be. i really like sunsets, but i don't want to be typecast into a subgenre just because of a name. what do you guys think?

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so said the sunset
said the sunset
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