November 4th, 2005

aquatic, the life

meme swiped from teresa!

01. First Best Friend: erika v.
02. First Screen Name: DEEP?
03. First Pet: hondo, a dalmation my family had when i was growing up but died when i was really young.
04. First Piercing: when i was in 8th grade, my ears.
05. First Crush: the whole bubb family when i was in pre-school (i got started early)
06. First CD: jodeci - forever my lady, shai - s/t, and east coast family - vol. I (all as gifts with a cd player)
07. First Car of Your Own: 1989 blue honda accord
08. First Stuffed Animal: first? i'm not sure. santa mouse has been with me since i was way little. my grandma gave him to me. he was a macy's toy.
09. First Word: i have no idea.
10. First thought this morning: get out of bed so you can pick up this pleading at H & H Collapse )
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