October 24th, 2005

aquatic, the life

some more photos.

weekend photos, if you'd like to see them:
2005-10-22 party @ jake hicks' house
2005-10-23 (early early morning) party @ texas ballroom
2005-10-23 - lunch @ lula

i haven't written much of substance lately. i am pretty happy with the cards life has dealt me lately. i am seriously aglow thanks to new friends and old friends and delicious food. while waiting for patricia to meet me at rock records an hour ago, i talked to ch. on the phone. she is awesome too. what with it HAILING a little the past two days, california is looking like a juicy vacation destination in the new year. at rock records i bought the hold steady - separation sunday & the magic numbers - s/t. i am all kinda of scatterbrained due to do a late night of instant messaging even though i swore i was going to sleep early. s.o.d. is out sick today though, which makes the stress level low. ;) i know that diana artemiswinter agrees with me!
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    the hold steady - chicago seemed tired last night