October 17th, 2005


oh, the photos to document it all.

i made some patches for jason's show and it was a good thing since he had NO MERCH whatsoever (see above)! i also did my sampler contribution! go sampler! i hope it will get there in time! :)

new flickr photo sets:

dan's surprise ninja monkey pirate party - 2005-10-13

the prayers and tears of arthur digby sellers @ empty bottle - 2005-10-14

michael debonis & alicia's bday party - 2005-10-15

jason anderson/ris paul ric @ schuba's @ schuba's - 2005-10-16

as i walked to damen from dan & nadia's this morning i felt paul everywhere. sigh. i am doing so much better though.

i feel that from tuesday through yesterday i was living for other people and wasn't doing anything just for me. i am trying to turn over new leaves daily, but it's a process. you know what i love? new friends who feel like old friends. many of them are documented in the above photos. also, i loved being close to new and old friends singing along with jason last night. jason anderson = a band aid for all of our aching hearts. he is doing a midwestern tour in january. please be there.

please note: my phone is DEAD, as in, it no longer charges and is completely dead. the new one is being sent my way and should get here within the next 7 days. it will be strange not having a phone of any sort for that period. i will be accesible via email, aim, neatly printed or cursive letters through the post, and notes shoved underneath our front door.
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