September 1st, 2005

aquatic, the life

things i have done these past couple of days

made a new friend named rani.
finished clumsy by jeffrey brown.
myspace messaged him.
made a pecan pie.
vacuumed up bugs with a non-bug vacuum.
bought & listened to 'plans' a lot.
used my ipod for the first time in ages.
talked to esther about my tattoo.
got a sweet email from jv.

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aquatic, the life

give your life's blood

donate blood to the american red cross.

if you don't have money to donate to relief efforts, you can give blood. to those of you who work downtown, there is a donation on september 15th at 120 n. la salle, so you could even do it on your lunch break if you have an hour long one. the front of the building looks like this. i was going to do that one, but i realized that i couldn't since i was getting my tattoo on september 10th, so i changed it to the car dealership which isn't that far away. i've recruited danelle to go with me so we can shriek at the sight of needles together. afterwards i'll drop danelle off and then head to esther's for the tattoo. i have decided not to talk on lj about which tattoo i am getting next since it will be FUN for you guys to wait and see!
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