August 30th, 2005

aquatic, the life

a weekend with no natalia is not a weekend

if you'd like to see a picture of danelle and i in our barsuk mafia gear, please click here. i hope she doesn't mind me linking. :)

so, i didn't go to pittsburgh. paul dropped me at midway on saturday morning and i just couldn't do it. i kept thinking about getting an estimate on my car, having to file the police report within 10 days of the accident (and monday would have been day 10), the barsuk promotion for jv, the state of my room, etc. i ticked off all of these boxes this weekend and it felt really good. BONUS: i also ended up getting to hang out for a longer time with stephanie, a heavy duty nap, some quality time with the roommates researching centipedes & silverfish and watching 'a touch of pink' (which was mediocre), organizing my room somewhat and folding laundry, PLUS i got shelves at the container store, and put them up with roommate assistance. i even went to rainbo/gold star (i forgot to get the pictures from megan tonight - yarg) and listened as dan tried to make the manhole covers make noise by jumping on them. i wrote a letter to amy triptothemoon last night to go with the things i've been rounding up (for months) to send her. more stuff happened that i don't feel the need to address in a public forum.

tonight i saw headlights at pontiac cafe with megan and dan and it was just so good. i put a cl ad up to meet new show buddies since today i called literally 16 people to see if they wanted to go to this show with no 'yes' votes. megan called me back later saying she was going to leave soon to come down to WP and we ran into dan while we were just leaving for the show and convinced him to come. anyways, they were great great great. they feel like the postal service meets metric with elizabeth elmore (sarge) singing. gosh.

tomorrow i am going to talk to esther about my tattoo and it is just blowing my mind that something i have thought about so long is finally going to be coming to fruition. yeah, i am a nerd, but you knew that already. i am going to finish 'aeiou (top shelf)' by jeffrey brown which has nearly made me cry twice. i talked to natalia a few minutes tonight and, man, i love her and i am so sad i didn't get to see her this weekend even though i accomplished so much.

i bought a bug vacuum since danelle and i have been call/response shrieking after seeing centipedes, silverfish and the one off spiders around our apartment.

tonight i met adam at the brown line clark/lake stop and we went to his place where gretchen cooked us dinner and i met his new roomie. i bought berghoff rootbeer at jewel and then saw a man driving a car with 7 mattresses stacked atop his car and secured with (what looked to be) a rope once around. he had another stuffed in his back seat. i took a picture of it with my cameraphone but i must sleep now.
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aquatic, the life

some people aren't so nice

8/29/2005 6:51 PM Logan Square (CTA Train) -$1.75 $9.25
8/29/2005 4:19 PM Damen_O'Hare (CTA Train) -$1.75 $11.00
8/29/2005 8:35 AM Logan Square (CTA Train) -$1.75 $12.75
8/28/2005 11:33 PM Logan Square (CTA Train) -$1.75 $14.50
8/28/2005 2:26 PM Damen_O'Hare (CTA Train) -$1.75 $16.25
8/28/2005 2:25 PM Damen_O'Hare (CTA Train) -$1.75 $18.00
8/27/2005 7:43 AM Midway (CTA Train) -$1.75 $19.75

the bolded is the last time i used my cta card. i guess i must have lost it sometime on saturday when pulling things out of my pockets. anyways, i guess it could be worse. i must have droppde it sometime after i went to paul's on sunday to surprise him with waffles since the first time it gets used after midway was the damen blue line train. oh well, it's been reported and i'll get a replacement soon enough.

tonight could come faster.
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