August 24th, 2005

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a good mail day

read dan's lj entry about an old pimp he met on the damen bus yesterday here. no, seriously, read it.

i just ate a bowl of reese's puffs, a handful of jelly belly jelly beans and i am about to conquer the other half of this grapefruit. last night i made dinner again for myself the 'mates. we're talking a full past the brim pot full of pasta and i sauteed portabello mushrooms, spinach and added these and artichokes to premade garlic marinara.

yesterday was a super package day! i got my wrist cuff from charlie grassfire (a minor thread and a sheet music pin with the word "sing-ing" that i lusted over and then RECEIVED! if only it were always that easy! i got my order from polyvinyl for the 'the enemies ep' by headlights and The Association of Utopian Hologram Swallowers split 7". i haven't listened to the latter yet, but the former is splendid and has been playing over and over. it truly is great. the reason i was drawn to it was that in a few reviews it had said ex-maserati. i believe now that it was touring member tristan who reviews were calling a former member. anyways, the headlights ep is truly are amazing. you know i am picky with female vocals, but erin fein's vox reminds me elizabeth elmore on slow songs. read this review of the ep. i am very much looking forward to seeing them to see if it translates as well live! i'm intrigued that they are playing the pontiac cafe and plan to attend that as well as the subterranean show. i love that both of the venues a short bike or bus ride away!

Monday, August 29
Chicago, IL @ Pontiac Cafe
Headlights w/ Via Audio

Friday, Sep. 16
Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
Headlights w/ Mono, Bellini

the other great package i received was the make-out party magnets i had made by april byobuttons that stella in_spite_of_all designed. they are flippin' sweet! i think that i will be selling them for $2.00 (including postage) for a set of the three designs (an embracing boy/boy, girl/girl, and girl/boy).

last night i followed through and designed the template for my idea for the october sampler. it is a good feeling accomplishing something and i've been doing a lot of that lately. go leigh!
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