August 10th, 2005

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treacher collins syndrome, etc.

This was spawned by pam anne_asta posting this in her journal. Any day you may wake up and think that you look fat, or your teeth aren't straight, or that your junk is too small, etc., you should look at one of the following articles/pictures. The focus on meaningless appearances are so ridiculous. I am and have been truly trying to rid myself of the concept of attractiveness (be it myself or others). It is hard. Being American, I truly think we might have it the worst where we are constantly bombarded with news articles, television shows, doctors, etc. saying how easy it is to fix things about ourselves. I don't have much time to rant on this since sleep is calling my name, but it just breaks my heart how hard it is for the life of families with Treacher Collins Syndrome. All of us born with complete faces don't appreciate it enough. Hearts are really the only important thing, ever. We all need to truly come to terms with that.

Treacher Collins Syndrome (video)

it feels really strange to write anything after this, but i saw 'sky high' with dan tonight and loved it. it was seriously awesome. yet again, i feel like dan and i thought it was a lot better than other people did. i mean, we guffawed at times that no one else guffawed. also, my room was probably 90 degrees (if not hotter) when i walked into it post-work/ice cream eating with dan. i felt like i could barely breathe, so i took a nap with both the overhead fan on and my fan directed straight at me, yet i felt no relief. i woke up feeling wobbly and then saw the movie. as we were leaving for the movie, i swore that i would cut out panels of cardboard from ikea boxes to fit into the skylights behind the screens and i did it as soon as i got home. i hope it provides a quick fix to my hot, hot room.

i also think it's really strange that i watched the treacher collins video while i am currently reading the picture of dorian gray because it all has to do with the importance and fleeting nature of good looks. it's funny that with all my gt/ap english classes that i was never required to read it. i am loving it though, but it is a very strange read on the L.
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aquatic, the life

sweet & ridiculous - the 'burgh trip

Depart Aug 27 Sat N/S MDW-PIT 676
Depart Chicago (MDW) at 8:15 AM
Arrive in Pittsburgh (PIT) at 10:50 AM

Aug 29 Mon N/S PIT-MDW 571
Depart Pittsburgh (PIT) at 7:20 AM
Arrive in Chicago (MDW) at 8:00 AM

i <3 ridiculous trips! southwest had some crazy deal for $29 each way to pittsburgh and i've been promising natalia i would visit for ages, so VOILA!

depending on what time allows, i would love to visit the andy warhol museum and the mr. roboto project. i really liked quiet storm when i went up to see son, ambulance/jason anderson/david dondero what seems like a million years ago. i was less than enthused with seeing the plan @ club laga! <-- club laga closed. i do not wonder why.

anyways, i know nat has bases covered, but does anyone have more suggestions of fun stuff to do in the 'burgh?
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