August 2nd, 2005

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awesome alert!

the filling in one of my front bottom teeth fell out today and now i have to go to an emergency dentist appointment this afternoon. UNGH! since the filling is gone, the end of the tooth is now exposed to the inside of my lip so it's rubbing against it and it feels really weird and empty. please cross your fingers that this doesn't cost and arm and a leg. i don't have proper dental insurance, but i have this thing called the ge wellness plan which discounts an exam to a certain rate and then services are some percentage off. anyways, i put the part of my filling into my wallet to show people. the last time this particular filling fell out it was the winter of 2001 and i was in portland, oregon with jeremiah and we had spent the night on her fold out when i was looking in the mirror and it was visibly loose and i just pulled it off and did the same thing; put it in my wallet, like that will help anything at all. i hope it doesn't take too long either because the free screening of 'sleep well: drive carefully' is tonight at 7pm and i have a huge plan to go, but i have to take care of myself and my tooth now.

here is a good thing. on sunday night, i finished the logo for 'rhymes with twee' just in the nick of time (okay, later than i should have finished it by an hour). anyways, i think it's cute:

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