August 1st, 2005

aquatic, the life

"do you ever dream of candy coated rain?"

"My love, do you ever dream of
Candy coated raindrops?
You're the same, my candy rainCollapse )

best song ever! the first week dan moved here, he found a cd outside of my car and dusted it off and, with authority said that it was playable, so we fed it to my stereo and OMG. rididulous! stephanie, danelle, dan, and i listened to it today and it was sweet, sweet joy. also sweet, sweet joy: dating on demand's blaaaaze (or somesuch).

i woke up to paul making vegan pancakes for the band and my apartment. as of today, my bowels and i are now semi-friendly again. friday & saturday were not a ton of fun, but on saturday ginny and i ventured out to see la mi vida violenta at the needle house. they are like gybe! meets a marching band. super volatile and then pretty. then i came home and waited for them to show up and played katamari damacy. i am now attempting to make the moon. dudes, i seriously have dreams about the game. it's taken over my life! :) danelle and i watched a very long [and extraordinarly mediocre] engagement and they arrived shortly after. we stayed up fairly late and then stephanie and i had girltalk while she was on the aerobed and paul and i were up in the bed. today we woke up, ate said pancakes, wandered off on our separate agendas and accomplished two: petting puppies & eating. we went to the anti cruelty society and fell in love cage after cage, said goodbye and headed to papajin for a sushi dinner. we met back up with the remaining lmvv kids at my place and leslie, leon, and i headed to paul's and watched the endings of 3 movies and then i came back here and attempted to finish my logo for renegade.


tomorrow is a lot of catch up at work so i am going to scan in this logo and hit the hay.
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