July 5th, 2005

aquatic, the life

"but last night i held you in my arms and i started to cry..."

i was going to write a lengthy post about the events that transpired this weekend, but i decided against it. 95% of my 3.5 day weekend was fantastic. the 5% not means nothing, or will mean nothing soon. i will write that i am deliriously happy with my new place. shortly after arriving home tonight, i heard the ice cream truck through the booms and bangs and i stood in line for a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone and then stood next to my neighbors to watch the sparkles of fireworks climb and then trickle down the sky.

ps. having my records and my record player in my room is fantastical and something i will never go without again.
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___ years ago, ___ months ago, etc.

swiped from hello_morning

10 years ago I
1. had not been to my first real concert yet, but went a month later
2. was certain i wanted to go to university of iowa
3. was obsessed with the movie a clockwork orange

5 years ago I
1. had just thrown my first make-out party
2. was still reeling at how awesome now! music and fashion was
3. was still doing 'the madflowr hour' radio show at wgmu

2 years ago I
1. was djing the night ::CANDYFLOSS with alan (just alan) at dr. dremo's
2. had decided to move to chicago and get a frest start (july)
3. did my first and last hump night at galaxy hut (august)

1 year ago I
1. started my job here at the law firm as a file clerk
2. had just moved into my apartment at winchester & division with treefort and beckyg
3. went to paul's 4th of july party and jeremiah left me a drunken message after i not hearing from him in months Collapse )
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