June 12th, 2005

aquatic, the life

movies, foodies, and packing.

i just made garlic pita chips and holy heck, they are great! and moms, they are ginny approved!

the recipe was super easy & also vegan! woo!

friday night ginny and i went to see mr. and mrs. smith. we were determined to stay tipsy for the movie, but our plans were thwarted when the chinese food restaurant we killed time at did not, in fact, have the cocktails that it boasted outside. yesterday paul and i went to sticky rice on western, where i did not get anything a dish that had ant eggs or fried caterpillars (THANK GOD). i opted for a duck curry, which was quite nice and the hottest (temperature not spice factor) i have ever, EVER eaten. after eating, i watched half of hellraiser: deader (at paul's, duh), danny deckchair, scrabylon (short scrabble documentary about the 2001 tournament), and kinsey. holy movies, batman! so far i haven't watched anything today, but i packed a number of boxes, sorted through bills and got to dismemberment plan in my project. only like 13 more shelves to go. HA!
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