June 1st, 2005

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oh, the clacking of keys put my mind at ease

woo! it's been a whirlwind recently. the yard sale on saturday was awesome and on sunday it was slower than molasses. i didn't even make
1/8 of what i made on saturday, if that tells you anything. some friends dropped by which was awesome! i finally saw cera, who i hadn't seen in ages and she's going to move to l.a. in july with her bf colin (?). megan stopped by with rosie and ceta and it was great having friendly dogs around! i thought i'd see michael sometime, but he, amy and their pooches didn't show up. i completely missed chach's trip to town, which blew. my phone was dead and i left the charger at work, so i had to use paul's newly found phone, but then chach's phone died and he didn't leave me his lady's number, so we were playing voicemail phonetag. he finally reached me, but i was three sheets to the wind after drinking one very strong margarita at happy village and it turns out he was in lakeview then and i was in no condition to drive. c'est la vie. :/

sunday night my stomach started aching and gurgling like crazy. this lead to all too frequent bathroom trips and left me couchridden all memorial day and yesterday. i'm still not sure of the cause. i always eat like an idiot and this weekend was no different. the last instance happened yesterday at 2pm, but my stomach still feels all gurgly. MYSTERIOUS!

monday i hit the 3rd and 4th disc of popular and yesterday, in my sick bed (couch) i ended up watching the 5th and 6th disc (aka the end of season 1). i'm waiting for season 2 to arrive and then i'll dive right into those while ripping cds. i'm on charlatans uk currently. after ruling out doing anything last night, becky and i watched boogeyman, which had its' moments but was weak at best. i don't know if i mentioned it but we also watched this movie called 'everybody's doing it' and ALL OF YOU SHOULD SEE IT, YOU DIRTY DIRTY KIDS! :) no, really, it's just hilarious.

i finally decided on a craft name, thanks to janice! oh, the things in the works. i feel like i've been saying that forever. yeesh.

tonight panic is having a promotion for STELLA, a new comedy central show starring 3 former cast members of THE STATE. i don't know if i'm up to it, but everyone should watch the show! hopefully i'll be able to have cable all set up at the new place by then, or i'll just watch it at 1138.

after work i am going to look at the new apartment and take some measurements. i am actually nervous as heck that the gut rehab went terribly and i'm going to wind up with stucco ceilings or a black wall or something, though the finished apartment i saw is BEAUTIFUL with one really sparkly tiled bathroom. anyways, wish me luck. i'll get to see a mostly finished version of it tonight. i'm so excited and i just can't hide it. later i will show it off in picture form!

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aquatic, the life

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first order of business: I AM FREAKING IN LOVE WITH MY NEW APARTMENT! check out my photo set including an insane number of photos at my flickr page. the place is still being worked on (as you will be able to tell), but it's heaps better than i had even dreamed it would be and that's SO FAR!

+ WASHER/DRYER IN UNIT (!) - i was told we'd be using the w/d in basement
+ new mailboxes with locks have been installed
+ HUGE SINK with sprayer (omg)
+ the bedrooms are every bit as huge as i remembered them to be
- not really as much kitchen cabinet space as i had envisioned
- refrigerator is in a really strange place that prevents us from having the kitchen table where i'd like it.
- not really any bathroom storage space to speak of in the bathroom danelle and i will split
-/+ the large walk in closet that i thought was to be a pantry is really kind of only a storage closet with a window in it (weird chicago and their windowed closets)

after dinner paul and i went on an adventure to greektown and ate at rodity's, where i seriously had THE BEST SPANAKOPITA EVER (seriously, lala), along with broiled dandelions and tsatsiki. GOODNESS GRACIOUS!

loves, can you seriously see me rocking this comforter (cover, at least i think it's a cover)? i love the wave side, but the flowers = not so much. plus, i wouldn't want the flowers on the pillows. wayy too much. can i pull it off?

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