May 25th, 2005

aquatic, the life

my birthday lasts 3 weeks!

thanks to scott motorways for the best link: darth vader = nooooo!

yesterday 8 people wrote me about my armoire after NO ONE had contacted me off cl about it for a week. one of those people seemed really into it and came by last night after work and IS BUYING IT (as in, i mailed her check into my bank this morning)! YAY! one less thing to worry about. unfh. after ripping some cds becky and i decided it was time to do a $5 movie and we went to see MONSTER IN-LAW. well, i know that a lot of my friends would scoff at the idea, but seriously (just like the wedding date), it surprised the hell out of me. we both laughed until it hurt. i came home and finished 'Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind', which was INCREDIBLE. i heart hayao miyazaki!

it's funny that paul joked about me celebrating my bday for 3 weeks because guess who is having birthday cake at my job in t minus 2 minutes? plus ben waxmuse keeps teasing me with this present he seemingly made me? plus, liz said she last week that she was going to take me out for a birthday lunch but she had to work all day, so that will happen sometime in the future. wahey! cake!
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