May 23rd, 2005

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weekend run down: star wars, six flags, sassy dinner

friday night i saw star wars episode III: revenge of the sith with paul, geoff, and joy. i thought it was the best of the new trilogy. i agree with every review i've read in that hayden christensen and natalie portman's scenes together were the weakest parts of the film. also, the "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" scene was uber lame. the digital projection we saw was AMAZING! i am so glad we saw it digital. actually, you know what my favorite part of friday night was? SEEING THE EXTENDED NON-TEASER PREVIEWS FOR BATMAN BEGINS AND THE LION, THE WITCH, & THE WARDROBE! HOLY HECK DUDES. OMG! LIKE OMG!

saturday morning we rose bright and early and met paul b. and gretchen and went to six flags: great america! see. i thought i was going to be cool with going on rollercoasters after not going in nearly 10 years. WRONG! i was petrified! we went on superman first and it was GREAT! i loved it. i was terrified in line, but it was worth the wait and it was a lot of fun. then i went on the american eagle and it shook me up so bad i did not go on another "real" rollercoaster all day. i did hit the swings TWICE: love! the last non-wussy ride i went on that day was the ragin' cajun, which i went on by myself. it was a ride that can fit up to 4 people, but i was by myself since paul o. wanted to go on another water ride and paul b. and gretchen were on the deja vu and v2 and other coasters i could not stomach. SO, i got up the nerve to go on this one by myself and one attendant was like, "you're going on this by yourself!?" i said, "yes." then they asked if i could wait until the one which would only seat two came 'round. i said sure. then i realized what they meant by this. half of the seating area was roped off with bungee cords with a message pinned across saying something to the degree of "DO NOT SIT HERE!" gulp! this ride is basically like riding a rollercoaster while sitting in a teacup, as it jerks and spins you around at corners. i recommend you don't do this one alone. paul got a number of pictures of me looking terrified, which i will post on flickr sometime soon. after dropping gretchen off, we picked up brendan and went to flying saucer for dinner and then back to paul's, where we watched barfly. i fell asleep soon after it started, out of sheer exhaustion.

sunday paul spent all day setting up my cpu with a music server, so i will be able to store all of my music on it. i went to jinx for sustenance, north coast for a video, and to my apt. for my laptop. we popped in star wars: a new hope, followed by star wars: the empire strikes back. in thanks for all of his work i made two dishes out of pete's guide to good cooking: it's not rocket science.

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aquatic, the life

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i remembered hearing about this awhile ago, but kathryn georgy_girl just linked it in her journal reminding me about blingo.

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