May 20th, 2005

aquatic, the life

friday afternoon headaches?

it seems that i can't escape these friday afternoon headaches. i'm cursed. so, last night we started watching popular season 1 and made it through 5 episodes or something while i ripped my cds. i'm through beulah now. wow. this is slower going than i had imagined. either way, POPULAR season 1 and season 2 are out now and they are good times. my fave episode was when brooke gave sam tickets to radiohead. hello! that is awesome!

tonight = III. i'm excited to be seeing the digital version of it. mmhmm. random pondering: since they are going to be making aeon flux into a live action movie...are they ever going to make the maxx into one? i mean, VERY FEW PEOPLE IN HOLLYWOOD HAVE ORIGINAL IDEAS. it still blows my MIND that they are making the last unicorn into a big hollywood production. man, yes, my formative years are all becoming more consumable. i don't know if i love it or hate it. i think i'm going to leave work early since i am 1/4 people here and my head is freakin' killing me.
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