May 19th, 2005


a nancy love & funny puppets & lj comment meme

i can't believe i posted this without saying that i saw my nancylove last night. she is en route to her new home, boston, and her max and nora stopped shortly here on their way last night. they saw my current apartment and we chilled a bit there waiting for paul. then we (nancy's party + me + paul + ginny) walked to penelope's and paper doll and then dinner at leo's. i petted penelope's french bulldog and paper doll's pug who refused to stop licking my hands. afterwards, it was hugs and hugs and then they were off like a hat. shortest visit ever although i did make nancy laugh. i heart nancy laughs.

afterwards, i went to see avenue a perform at the playground theater their improv puppet show. it was HILARIOUS! there were only probably 15 people in attendance, which is ridiculous since it was a riot! after the show everyone there talked to the puppeteers, so it seemed that everyone in the audience knew someone peforming, myself included. jon was great and actually was my favorite puppet! it's amazing how realistic some of the motions can be. anyways, their last show is next wednesday. anyone with $5 should go. it's at 8:30 next wednesday.

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