May 18th, 2005


tickets bought: star wars & intonation

okay, so i caved. i saw episode I & II in the theatres on opening night, so i felt obligated to see III opening night, but NO WAY could that have happened because every single show time is sold out except for ford city mall and, as ghetto fabulous as that theatre is, i am passing it up in lieu of seeing a digital projection of it friday night at 10:30 at amc river east. either way, i got tickets for myself, paul, geoff, and joy.

speaking of buying tickets. thanks to michael's post, i remembered to buy tickets to intonation music festival. jeff, dominic baconfat, alex gardenhead? any are you guys game!? independence air is doing some good sales, i do believe. yes, yes, i hate festivals it's true, but broken social scene were one of my highlights of last year's coachella along with the wrens make it worth admission to me.

check out rock paper saddam, care of sarah prizefight's away message! hilarious!
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