May 11th, 2005

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a lucky day for a birthday lady

mark (lucksmiths) & leigh
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there are a couple of other shots up there, but i didn't take any shots during the show, though i did make a few videos. so, i was kind of kidding about it, but i ended up doing it. on the left is janice copaceticgirl with the lucksmiths and on the right is me with mark lucksmiths. i just think it's awesome that two lj friends who haven't met irl shared hugs with a band only a few days apart. she is totally cool and so is her boutique, copacetique, though i'm sure most of you lot already have seen it and most likely bought something from it.

tonight was great all over. the lucksmiths & the ladybug transistor did indeed join together and play 'EVEN STEVENS' and i died! yikes! holy heck. earlier tonight i went to vermillion with my parents instead of las tapas. old town is so great that you can just change your mind about what you want to eat. my dinner was absolutely delicious. also delicious: having two new books to read on the plane tomorrow. mmhmm.
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