May 6th, 2005



please re-post the following to all of yr friends & neighbors & lovers in the dc area. i hope to see some of you out since it's also doubling as my bday party and i didn't celebrate my bday in dc last year. if you for some reason can't make it to m-op, i'll see you at lucksmiths/pipas/ladybug transistor/the lil' hospital @ dc9 on tuesday night (the night of my actual birthday). i get in tonight and will be leaving wednesday afternoon. thanks loves.

07 may, 2005
@ the diver city house
882 n harrison st.
arlington, va 22205

SPRITES (11p) - sweet smart synthpop
THE BOLOPHONICS (10p) - a non pretentious joy division for today
THE BEDTIMES (9p) - rock of the ages for all ages
FARADAY (8p) - if they played the bait shop, seth cohen would be there

upstairs in between sets: MARK PERNICE (come down) & LANTZY

ARRIVE: 7p for socializing, sweets & sips!

ADMISSION: $6 -OR- $4 with MIX TAPE or MIX CD for the mix swap.

MIX SWAP: will take place before sprites' set! be sure to include a
track list with yours or a way to get in touch with you because
nothing is worse than not knowing what's on the mix you get.

MAILING LIST: we now have a mailing list set up. go to the website if
you would like to sign up for updates on the August 6th Make-Out Party
as well.

DIRECTIONS & INFO: check out the site:

SHIRTS: for the first time ever, there will be make-out party shirts
for sale for $8. teresa, crafty lady behind sewing stars ( ) designed them and i am using lo-fi with
love to print them ( - if you
use them, tell them i referred you)! these shirts will be AMAZING! i
cannot wait to see them up close and personal!

HELP: I am looking for one or two people to help me with collecting
money, collecting mixes, and stamping hands at the door. I will give
you a t-shirt and will make sure you get attended to and not left
stranded at the front for the duration of the event. If you are
interested, please contact me at: or just comment here on lj.
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