April 27th, 2005

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secretary's day (by the rabbits) & assorted good things


"listen when i say it's secretary's day.
here's a day for the awesome dudes who put our stuff away.
listen when i say it's secretary's day.
here's a day for the awesome dudes who put our stuff away.
here's a day for the awesome dudes who put our stuff away.

they file things.
they type things out.
they answer the phone.
they never scream or shout.
they say "hold please."

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awesome links procured from my friends list:
julie doiron video - snowfalls in november (thanks manda)
finally a way to transport cupcakes without the mess - cupacake (thanks bernadette)

other good things:
+ my headache is finally gone! must not let that happen again. it was so debilitating.
+ getting administrative professional's day gifts (jelly belly jelly beans from diana, a check from peter!)
+ i finished watching the last of the freaks & geeks episodes last night
+ i made a cake last night with ginny and then went on a run to find icing
+ veronica mars is SO GOOD
+ talking to alex gardenhead
+ talking to a girl who had imed me a long time ago about jason anderson and then realizing who her boyfriend and other friend were at the texas ballroom show
+ taking photos of ginny wearing each band t-shirt (w/prop) that i am going to start selling on ebay soon
+ richard brautigan's sombrero fallout & borrowing in watermelon sugar from michael
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awesome friends

friends, friends

any of you who have t-mobile, do you have own one of their currently offered phones? apparently my phone; sony ericsson T610 is on its' last proverbial leg, so i am looking to get a new phone. great timing, eh?. i would like it to be a camera phone that takes better photos than my current phone. also, i am not partial to flip phones. i don't want to spend over $150 (after rebate) because it seems the past two years i've got a new phone each year. grr. do you have any recommendations? please please help me with suggestions!

to note: motorola c650, samsung e315 (flip) and samsung e715 (flip) looked like candidates. i've read up on all these phones online and all phones tend to have positive/negative reviews, so i'm looking to hear from people i know to kind of weigh out my options. thanks loves!

3:21pm update: now i'm pretty sold on the nokia 3220. the nokias that i had before were great and easy to play around with. however, it would be the phone that i've fallen for is on back order for like infinity! after work i am going to check downstairs at the t-mobile store and see if they happen to have any there. unfg. my phone is SO staticky, so apologies if you call me and i can't hear you (or vice versa). gr.
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