April 5th, 2005

aquatic, the life

if it's not one thing, it's another.

i guess it's good that we drove to rochester because this morning when i attempting to start my car, instead it made a kind of hissing sound (kind of like a hiss put through a machine gun?). paul told me that i should post how it was funny that yesterday on our day of actually relaxing and not stressing we got a boot ($150 to remove it) in the parking lot of burger king while getting his roommate pizza at bacci's only to drive the car home and not have it start today. wahey! paul thinks it might be spark plugs. either way, it does suck a little, but i still got to work a little early, which was my goal.

good things:

the food i brought for lunch
paul (nearly always a good thing)
seeing tulips popping up
voting for crafty friends (janice @ copacetique, nicole @ moonwater designs, susie @ boygirlparty, luv a dub dub c, jenn at sparrow goods, the walrus and the carpenter...i feel like i am leaving someone out) @ girlshop & style bakery's on the rise award.
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