April 3rd, 2005

aquatic, the life

a weekend away - chicago, IL to rochetser, NY & back

we've just arrived home from paul's parent's home in rochester, ny. this would be well and good provided we actually made it back in the, oh, 11 hours it should have taken us (and did take us driving out there). we left this morning around 7:15am (with the daylight savings time change) and only just got back. that would be approximately 15 hours. this is mostly due to there being A BLIZZARD IN APRIL from new york through pennsylvania and through half of ohio! yes, for serious!

i got 45 minutes of sleep last night. blame it on jason & nikole. last week after jason's show i told him paul and i were driving to rochester. he told me i should come see him play in syracuse on saturday night because he was playing there in an awesome space called the eaves. according to jason, it was only 45 minutes away from rochester, but paul went to school in syracuse and he told me it took an hour and a half. i called jason last night (post a lovely family dinner at paul's) to feel out the situation & figure out what time he went on, but between him and nikole giving me pro/con lists (the top selling point for me was jason and nikole putting on a private rabbits concert for me post-show), i was sold, so i drove out there by myself in the rental car, much to the chagrin of paul's parents. jason has been trying to make each and every show he plays "the best show ever" and last night was exactly that (but every show truly is better than the night before). this space was amazing and everyone was just grinning ear to ear. if you ever happen to be in syracuse, i highly recommend seeing a show there. such. awesome. people.

paul's asleep, so i am going to end this post with a list of other memorable things i did this week/end:

+ going to a bunch of record stores in rochester (house of guitars, record archives, lakeshore record exchange ...and i think i'm leaving one out.
+ meeting & re-meeting members of paul's family, friends, and neighbors even
+ eating at friendly's and splitting a reeses' peanut butter cup sundae with paul
+ eating at wing city grille in nowheresville, pa? or oh?
+ making my mom's spinach casserole & adam sebastian whoisadam's wings for paul's family
+ sleeping on a really firm mattress
+ petting a million cats (okay, 5) at greta & rob's
+ getting an awesome easter basket from paul's mom with a huge bunny with some of the best chocolate i've ever had from a place in rochester called encore chocolates. yum!
+ going to dinner at a place on the lake which i can't remember now and then going to abbott's (an ice cream place
+ watching 'first daughter' (enjoyable & directed by forest whitaker) & 'the kid stays in the picture' (finally & it was seriously great).
+ coming home to ginny treefort with a new wig on
+ catching up with dominic baconfat even though my phone kept dropping calls since i was in the middle of nowhere
+ a hilarious talk with nancy love
+ buying a bunch of frames at a goodwill
+ deluxe version of unrest - imperial f.f.r.r.
+ eating apples i got from the orchard i got from across the street from paul's house with nikole
+ stopping for a minute in the middle of nowhere to look at stars tonight
+ talking to amy triptothemoon on the phone for the first time! <3 (OOPS! i totally forgot to add that one!)
+ dave perezident singing Arrested Development to me & paul!

i am going to collapse and sleep for a million hours and then go drop off the rental car. i'm serious. one million hours. go.
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