March 28th, 2005

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week(end) update featuring jason anderson, jeffers, and paul

you know you've had a fairly uneventful night when hgtv loops the programming you watched earlier. i did manage to rip 11 out of the 14 cds i purchased this weekend at reckless. thanks to michael tonydanza telling me about them, jeff and i went to the broadway reckless and i headed straight to the 7" section to 'round up an unimaginable bounty of sarah records singles, only three of which i already had. i had a great conversation with one of the employees there about it too. it still amazes me to meet other indie pop fans in chicago! also, it's funny because michael had told me about the 7"s being there a few weeks back and i hadn't had a chance to go until this weekend and i actually had a dream that i went and every single one of them was gone! in any case, combined with the booty gathered at the wicker park reckless, i should be staying in for a few weeks. instead, i'll be heading to rochester with the paul on wednesday night after work to go see his parents.

i know i know. i've been slacking on posting, but i just love being able to keep up with my friend's list now. it's so great knowing what's going on in my friends lives! eek! i'm going to run through a list of what happened in the last few days. i kind of feel like that scene in 'rules of attraction' where the guy is explaining his europe trip...

jeff meets me at work to drop off his suitcase and goes to walk around til i get off work. we take the el back to wicker park and head straight to thai village for dinner. i drop him off at paul's. i head to texas ballroom to see if they need any help setting up/moving anything around. i call jason on the way over there and he's at leona's on clark, so i beat him there. i meet len's roommies at texas; they are all super nice. i catch up with taylor and show her the surprises i've made for jason. paul, jeff, geoff, and joy show up. jason arrives just before swimmer, missing start. i show him the package nikole sent me to give to him and then show him my surprises and he said it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for him, which pretty much made my year, since he is one of my favorite singers and just favorite people in the world. chris sevenstars shows up. ginny treefort shows up with a solid chocolate bunny her dad sent her. we run off to dominick's to get more food/sugar and miss nearly the entire goodnight, sweethearts. as per usual, jason pulls out all the stops and plays the best show ever (every night is...) with a million sing alongs and handclap songs. nearly everyone there is beaming. this dude radiates love, like i am always trying to tell you. the turnout was alright for being a thursday night in pilsen competing with: slint @ metro, xiu xiu @ bottom lounge, etc.etc. there were probably somewhere between 30 and 40 people there. at one point, i call nikole so she can hear some of the set and later when i think chris requests a rabbits song, jason waxes about how he can't do them without nikole, so i suggest that we call her. instead of singing 'saturday', i say i can call her and then he gets the audience to get real quiet and then say altogether, "goodnight nikole!" which is absolutely swoonerific. btw, nikole and jason are the most amazing couple together and it just makes me so happy knowing the two of them. towards the end of the set, jason gives me and the shirts that i made a shout out and then dedicates the song to ghosts or jellyfish or somesuch. after the show, he sold a couple of them. jason, paul, and i talk after the show for an hour while jeff takes pictures of one of jason's friends swinging in the texas swing. afterwards, paul, jeff, and i go to picante and get some food.

peter had told me the day before that he didn't need me to come in if i didn't want to come in, so i stayed home to hang with jeff. we met up with jason & taylor at leo's and then headed to the museum of science & industry so he could go see body worlds. even in the line, i felt like i was going to throw up, so i followed my instinct and stayed away. i really did enjoy the museum though. i would have absolutely loved it when i was a kid. jeff's photos from his trip are here! for dinner, paul, jeff and i went to las palmas on north and OMG, it was fantastical. afterwards jeff and i went to see slint @ metro, which was really quite mediocre. i was really prepared for it to be amazing, but it was just really average. we came back and i called happy village to see if paul was still there and he was (of course), so he headed back to my place while i left a message on natalia's cell phone.

paul left early to start getting stuff done at his house and i woke up again later that morning with severe back pain, as in a debilitating pain directly beneath my right shoulder blade and in my lower back that barely allowed me to move for the first two hours i was awake. i requested jeff fetch me a cadbury creme egg from my bag and ginny brought me ibuprofen, but damn, i was laid out. i managed to wiggle myself out of bed and i took a shower, directing super hot water from the nozzle onto my ouch area and jeff and i headed up the street so i could show him a couple of places & record stores in wicker park. realizing that i had really not had anything solid to eat around 2pm, i decided that getting ice cream would be a good idea, so i got some at cold stone creamery and sat down to give my back a rest. after eating half of the small waffle cup, i seriously thought i was going to throw up. note to self: never ever ever eat ice cream again on an empty stomach. seriously bad idea. i laid it on top of a box in a trash can, thinking that maybe some ice cream loving homeless man would see it there and have a nice treat. yes, i am insane, quite possibly. after going to waxaddict (a fairly new record store), we went to pick up a sub for me at janik's and then i drove up to white castle, on jeff's request. i have to say that i was intrigued, so i ended up buying a "chicken ring sandwich," which might have been as gross as it sounds, but i was so hungry by the time i ate that i would have consumed nearly anything (EVEN SOMETHING WITH MAYONNAISE, maybe?). afterwards, jeff and i headed back out to the other reckless, where i got the aforementioned booty, and met up with my friend jason. the three of us went to intelligensia and then picked up paul b. (not to be confused with my bf, paul o.). we headed to the long room, which is one of my fave bars in chicago, where jeff met up with his friend eric off of a mailing list and jason met up with his friend mike that he'd met off craigslist. lots of really good conversations took place between all of us. i love that place like crazy! after looking at my cell phone and realizing how late it was, jeff and i decided to go to arturo's for a late night dinner since we had eaten so early. we came home and planned to get up early to go to rachel's for breakfast/brunch.

i didn't hear a peep from rachel, so jeff, paul, and i went to an easter/goodbye jeffy brunch lunch at flying saucer. it was my first time there and i loved it, absolutely loved it. best blueberry muffin i've eaten in years! i also tried a veggie eggs benedict there and reaffirmed my disgust for eating broken egg yolks, so for the other of the two eggs, i peeled the whites away and ate those and left the yolk, like i normally do when it comes to fried/poached eggs. after eating, we drove jeff around the city and showed him some sites he hadn't seen and then dropped him at the western el. paul and i tried to go to microcenter/joann's and then target to buy his roommate geoff a bday present, but all three were closed for easter sunday! i guess i'm really not used to most things being closed for easter. v. interesting. we went back to paul's house, watched 'the incredibles' while i slept off and on, with a break in the middle for singing happy bday to geoff and eating ice cream cake and then we started watching 'ray' and paul went to bed, while i stayed up to finish it. that brings us up to date.

i thought a lot about my longtime best friend from long ago; brad barr, this weekend and i think i am going to end up writing him a letter or calling him. you might even read this. hi brad. just know that my delayed response to you is a result of not knowing what to say to you.

also random, i finally know what i'm going to do for my contribution to the sampler! FINALLY! yay! also, i think i might run it by janice copaceticgirl to see if she might want to distro it at copacetique boutique. hm!
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