March 8th, 2005

aquatic, the life

"i never thought i'd watch a show about the lives of rich white kids..."

this past week/end i didn't feel like i did a lot, but in fact i really did accomplish a few things. i hung out with paul and his friend chris a lot, played phase 10, went to chicago diner with stephanie, went to jewel to buy groceries, got new stacking shelves for my closet, bought and put up a basket/hanger combo thing for purses/necklaces in my closet, watched parts of a few movies (deathstalker 3/4, um and i can't remember, wicker park), finally met rachel hotpursuit, somehow managed to get sick again with that terrible pain in the back of my mouth in my tonsils, made part of the package for amy triptothemoon, made natalia laugh on the phone, cooked an amazing meal of lentils and rice on sunday night, kept up with my lj friends list posts, read more of an encylopedia of an ordinary life, vol. I, and had a few drinks at happy village. none of these happened in order whatsoever! wahey! tonight went to home depot to get some non-toxic paint stripper and then i went to see hitch with paul. it was really fun and exactly the type of movie i was in the mood to watch in this sicky state i am in right now. good gawrd.

random tidbit that made my day on monday (pertaining to the subject line):
finding out that prisoners at a particular unnamed prison get super psyched for the o.c. on thursdays and that pretty much everyone watched it. ginny and i had a kick thinking about this tonight! now, i will present you with a random lj meme that nearly 1/3 of my friends list has done:

1. leigh
2. maddy
3. madflowr

1. madflowr
2. barleighlegal
3. andsweaters Collapse )
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