February 22nd, 2005

aquatic, the life

leigh's a busy bee...

i am currently eating jewel brand 'freaky fruits', their version of trix. i vow to finish 1) painting my room 2) finishing sewing the letters onto the the m-op banner and 3) decorating the m-op cash box by the end of this long weekend. this weekend i accomplished a good number of things, but i didn't finish those things i vowed to do. i'm kind of beating myself up over it, but i did actually finish painting my room except for the two doors and the window frame, which will be a snap compared to the rest of my room. the ceiling was INSANE to do. i ended up working yesterday from something like 2 pm until midnight, with probably a total of 8 of those 10 hours solely devoted to painting/organizing my room. i bought one of these at target (it was $20 not $40) to store some spillover files as well as my craft supplies in. i also checked off three unimportant "to do"s off my list, including giving brandy & stephanie their xmas presents, going to the fullerton restaurant & going to this discount textile warehouse i've been meaning to go to for ages. i'm really looking forward to diving into some of the ideas i've been having lately! other than that, i still have a fair number of things to do...

leigh's to do list:

actually use my print gocco
finish up make-out party banner
finish painting the rest of my room (both doors, window frame)
get my car's oil changed
get ignition lock checked out
tweak/update make-out party website
start working on website number two
learn how to thread my nelco sewing machine
get passport photos taken
get passport
figure out rochester trip with paul
start going to the gym again
clean room
put up posters
set up may make-out party

in lieu of going to see a $5 movie tonight (constantine), i'm going to be working on the make-out party banner, to get that out of the way. I LEAVE FOR DC TOMORROW! I AM SUPER PSYCHED! eek! don't forget that saturday is make-out party, so you best be there! hearts hearts hearts!
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