February 14th, 2005

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weekend update: party, movies, games, crafts = love

after seeing pamela's post about her making vegan creme eggs, i remembered i had brought (a real) one with me this morning and couldn't find it. upon realizing that it was in the plastic bag i had thrown away with the banana peel, i went to the kitchen and looked and lo and behold, no other trash had accumulated atop my bag, so i reached in, ripped open the plastic, wiped banana peel off with a paper towel, and salvaged said egg. i am most likely craving chocolate because 1) it's near that time of the month 2) it's valentine's day 3) the candy shop i have to walk past had a special on chocolate covered strawberries and 4) paul and i missed the chocoloate festival this weekend. my throat hurts a lot, so it's really not the best thing to eat, but oh well!

friday night ginny, michael, holly and i went to the "shot through the heart" party @ texas ballroom, which involved (direct quote from texas site) "CRUSHIN': a crush reunion & international art show curated by rebecca grady, after party with performances by: HANDSTRING HEARTJOB, THE JEALOUSY, BRRRN and special events: LOVERS and FIGHTERS PRIZE BOXING, MULTIMEDIA KISSING BOOTH & CONFESSIONAL, ZINE SALE, VALENTINE & TELEGRAM DELIVERY, and djs: GRADY GILLAN, CASTRATION DJ, JOHNNY LOVE & SURRA THE HUN." we missed the performances, but oh man, it was nuts and completely packed. len said at the very least 300 people paid to get in! at first we were a little leary and had missed the performances, but as the night progressed and we were all a skosh drunk the dancing really began. we also witnessed one of the strangest events i have ever seen take place: the lovers and fighters prize boxing. like, literally, there were boxing matches where girlfriends fought boyfriends, boyfriends? fought boyfriends, girlfriends fought girlfriends, and exes fought eachother. it was absoluetly surreal, with a few being kind of timid with each other, while others just launched at one another. it all was stopped when a girl sprained her ankle after her ex lunged at her and pushed her onto the ground. as i said, surreal. it was great seeing len that night, as i hadn't seen him since he moved back to chicago. after the party, ginny and i wanted to go to huck finn's donut shop, which we had spied on damen en route to the party, but michael and holly had passed out in my back seat, so we called it a night around 3am.

on saturday morning paul and i had planned to do the chocolate festival, but i decided it would wait until sunday so i could work on some projects. paul and i ended up dropping off some boxes for rachel hotpursuit and then just driving around looking at city blocks fairly near us that i had never really looked at. we passed by an old bakery called roeser's, where we stopped and got a banana dough cake and two sugar cookies. we then drove to the actual humboldt park and watched geese and duck and tiny little birds swim around in a corner of the lake that had either melted or someone had broken so the birds would have someplace to play. then a group of kids, maybe early teens, showed up and started walking out on the ice, testing its' strength. i didn't want to leave until they'd stepped off the ice, just in case one of them fell through. it was a totally stupid thing to do, albeit the lake is not very deep. we went back to paul's, ate sushi from papajin and watched the end of 'haiku tunnel' and deathstalker 2, which was actually realy funny. we waited up for brendan and his friend dave to show up and played the last game of shout movies on the second volume and then we went to bed.

saturday night i had talked to joy about going out to a suburb to go to a michael's, so when i woke up at 9 or 10ish, watched a bit of 'death to smoochy' with the boys and then we headed out to north riverside. i got a ton of awesome stuff that joann fabrics either does not even carry, or is always out of. afterwards, i went back to paul's and walked in on the 3 boys watching 'return to me', which is a movie i love, so i finished watching it with them and then paul and i went to run some errands. i went to joann to pick up some fabric for the make-out party banner i am making, while he went to microcenter (this shopping center was well planned) and then i picked up a few things at cub foods for the dinner i am making him tonight! we came back, watched UHF while i tried to figure out how to thread my sewing machine that i bought at a yard sale this summer and haven't touched since. after realizing it was a lost cause, i switched to another task i had planned to do for make-out party: covering this box i bought at target in sparkle mod podge, because it's going to be the money box for m-op and i didn't want to be clear. while it was drying before i put on the second coat, i cut out a felt version of the current logo and then tried to start lettering the text, which sucked because i had nothing non-permanent that would write on white felt, so we finished watching 'fight club' and i decided to print the letters out and then cutting them and using the paper as a guide, rather than handlettering on felt. ungh. SO, then i decided to try my hand at another craft thing i had supplies for and it seemed to work, so WAHEY! i'll be posting up pictures of all these things once they're done, but it's exciting i finally did something i had been planning to do. now off to do more of that. :)
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