February 7th, 2005

aquatic, the life

"this is our new song. just like the last one."

this weekend i got a few big "to dos" checked off my list, including: putting up shelves in my bedroom and hooks on the back of the bathroom door and lastly, a huge clean sweep of the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and hall closet. i've still got a lot to do, but i do believe i can see the end in sight. i've still got to paint my room (already have the paint), paint the trim in the kitchen, and get bolts for the shelves so i can actually start putting things on them. paul is getting me the bolts after work today, so hopefully i can go home and put some things up on the shelves and clear off my floor. it's kind of funny that we put this shelf up and i'm probably going to start painting in less than a week's time. oh well.

last night in celebration of completing the aforementioned tasks, paul said we should drink wine. ginny, paul, and i consumed three bottles of wine while watching last thursday's o.c. episode and the mst3k episode of deathstalker 3: the warriors from hell. i had a nice little drunken phonecall to nancy and shortly afterwards i could be heard puking up the falafel sandwich i ate at sultan's market earlier. i woke up with the most massive headache i can ever remember having and as a bonus, nausea!

i think i've finally flushed my system out. i'm at the point where i feel equal parts starved and like i might throw up again. i'm going to attempt to eat my leo's leftovers from saturday morning and read here kitty kitty, which is kind terrible when the last three books i read were all amazingly good reads (the crying of lot 49 by thomas pynchon, amped: notes from a go nowhere punk band by jon resh, and stripping and other stories by pagan kennedy). this novel feels like an aging ny hipster was trying to crank out a soap opera polaroid of her life before she forgets her glory days. yikes. yeah, it's pretty bad so far, but i'm only 35 pages into it.
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