January 18th, 2005

aquatic, the life

hood is (very) good

2005 is bringing some GREAT things with one of them being:

FRI. 3/18/05 (10:00pm; $10) @ Empty Bottle
Hood (England) label: 555, Aesthetics, Domino, Slumberland

i just bought two tickets to this as well as:

SUN. 1/30/05 (9:30pm; $8)
Tristeza label: Gravity, Insound, Makoto, TigerStyle
L'Altra (record release)</b> label: Aesthetics, Hefty
The Empty Bottle and Muy Romantico present 'Its called Binoculars part III' featuring: DJs Yves St. LeRoc & CoCo LeRoc

i've NEVER seen hood and i am ultra psyched. plus, l'altra is playing a ton of shows for their new album and i've never seen them and MAN, am i excited to see them. goodness gracious me.

also, it's just plain silly, but within the past week i've seen two kinsellas out and about; tim on the el towards the loop, and mike last night at home depot (!). this past weekend with alex gardenhead here was great. even though it was cold, we managed to venture out and go to a movie (meet the fokkers), the field museum (thanks to adam whoisadam), the shedd aquarium, a few eateries (marquette inn, leo's, the handlebar, chicago diner), and had an awesome potluck to boot. i love food & friends together!
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