January 6th, 2005

aquatic, the life

letting go of a list of names

a few of you might notice that i removed you from my lj friend's list. after reading one my friend's entries, i realized that i too had to pare down my friends list in order to actually be a better friend to those remaining.

i am not doing this to cause an lj scene. i did not remove you from my list because i don't like you. in many cases, i still love you. i just feel that those deleted are more acquaintances than friends and though i truly am interested in the lives of everyone, i just can't take the time to keep up with all of those ljs. in a few cases, i'm just doing what the other person might have felt too awkward doing first.

a few of the people i deleted used to be close friends that i have drifted away from and seemingly, there is no interest on their sides to save our friendship. it's endlessly frustrating to figure out why these things happen, but after phoning, emailing, and/or commenting with no reply whatsoever, i'm finally realizing that maybe it's time to give up. it hurts more than you can ever know to delete some of your names, but i'm doing what it seems like you want.

ps. if i've left you on my friend's list and you don't really want to be there, please do us both a favor and take me off your list. seriously, do all of you want to read entries like my latest about how sick i am?
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