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"i want to...stop your hurting, get in a car; come see you."

"don't want to say the wrong things.
i want to...
stop your hurting,
get in a car; come see you."

-friend (boyracer)

i'm sending out an s-o-s. if you are reading this now and you have an extra modest mouse ticket for friday or saturday night in dc @ the black cat, plz contact me as soon as possible. i didn't buy them because i didn't think they'd sell out and because i've been brutally poor [because i've been paying bills on time for once]. i tried to get tickets last night only to hear that they've sold out. gah! help a sista out, plz.

last night was sigur ros @ 9:30 club. they really took my breath away. when i'd seen them at irving plaza i was less than impressed because i was so far away that i felt so distant from the whole thing; like i was watching it on television. last night i was right up front, soaking it all in. it was quite a sight to see. i got to see the guitar being bowed up close and personal. that was intense. sadly, i lost my spot when i ran to the bathroom. there was no way i was getting back up front, since it was packt like sardines up there. i hung towards the back with eric dplan and a guy named kevin who i've met a few times at shows. sven-g-englar was almost better from back there 'cos i could see the whole thing pretty clearly. people were silent for most of the show, except for the 'tards who yelled "take off your shirt". yep. america's role models, i'm sure.

after the show ended i jumped outside and started handing out spiritualized stuff. i was mobbed at one point with people like "OOH! AHH!" it was pretty darn cool. i like the new album a lot. that was the worst it's ever been when i've promoted something! t'was neat tho! the new album came out yesterday and i'm sure that contributed to the frenzy. jeff gave me a ride to the black cat where i caught the last few songs of black rebel motorcycle's set. i totally missed 'whatever happened to my rock and roll (a punk song)?' and that totally sucks. :/ they played 'awake' which was totally worth it. i wish the sigur ros show had ended a wee bit earlier. they should've have scheduled two good shows the same night like that. i shake my fists at you, show god. for last night + for modest mouse selling out.

so this week has comprised of me cleaning up my room preparing for when we put our house on the market. while cleaning, i've found piles of old photos of sean, brad, leeanne, shani, ceirah, etc. i don't know why i still get sad thinking about the old days. i still wonder how sean + brad are doing. i've heard things about shani + ceirah + leeanne in the last few months/year, so it's not as sad about them. sean + brad were two of the most important males in my life and now they're mia. i miss brad the most tho.

even after all the shite that's gone down, if he just picked up the phone and asked how i was, that would be enough. any communication from him at all would be enough right now. he lives less than 2 miles away and i haven't seen him in almost 10 months. he's too long gone. i keep thinking about making him a mixtape; the kind i used to make him. only this mixtape would be a story of my last year and what i've gone through since he [my best friend] left me. and i'd mail that tape and he'd call me up saying he still wanted me in his life. and then i'd wake up from that dream.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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