November 15th, 2004

aquatic, the life

this weekend i...

[x] had a great time when i brought jen cassettecounty and stephanie to paul's where we had lots of great food and watched 'ferris bueller's day off'
[x] went to the diy trunk show saturday
[x] made my first 4 bars of soap (melt and pour) saturday evening
[x] saw 'enduring love' with jason saturday night
[x] saw 'the incredibles' with emily sunday night
[x] watched the end of 'lethal weapon 3' and 'jay and silent bob strike back' with paul and geoff
[x] did my laundry
[ ] got my car's oil changed and emissions tested

in rushing off to work this morning i forgot my gym bag on my bed, so i can't go today, which is going to be a nice change. tonight i'm going to hang out with paul b. and co. for his bday anyways, so it's better i won't be going to hang out straight from the gym.

ps. if anyone wants to get me this for christmas, i'd be ecstatic!
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