November 8th, 2004

aquatic, the life

mitten crew!

left to right: swifty djswifty, leslie _protocol, myself, and jason anderson.

i had a great weekend, although i spent no time in boston itself. cambridge, amherst, and palmer were great though! i plan on coming back and spending more time in boston itself. sadly, i forgot to call dan dayan, 'cos it turns out he might have come with me to the show, which really was "THE BEST SHOW EVER". also, i was supposed to meet up with jessikah kitteny, but she never ended up calling me back. no idea what happened there. are you okay, jess? anyways, the weekend was great. i came back and slept and slept. when i woke up, i microwaved this artichoke risotto and watched part of the others with becky and then i went to see alfie with liz in evanston and then came back, put drawer liners into my dresser and folded some clothes. i am slowly accomplishing things in my room. i've decided what colors i'm going to paint my room, but i'm not going to tell you. anyways, i really should sleep. mwah!
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