November 1st, 2004

aquatic, the life

an hour added = an hour nap

even though i reminded other people to set their clocks, i forgot to do this for myself and, thusly, arrived to work not at 8:40 as i thought, but 7:40. i ate breakfast downstairs in the marquette inn and then came up here because, luckily, lawyers get in early! so, now i'm bringing you a livejournal update! this weekend was gone far too quickly even with the extra hour. thursday night i got to see len and finally meet his friend dolan.

friday night i was going to go meet them again, but i ended up staying in. paul and i woke up early saturday (way too early) and finished only in london. then we wanted to go to a new favorite greasy spoon, but decided on leo's and then we dropped off the cds paul was selling at reckless. we headed to joann fabrics to fetch some things for my costume and then back to reckless to retrieve paul's cds and money and found out that the blow are playing an event at reckless called "election day dance party", on tuesday (duh). i am so there! after pulling together our costumes, we headed over to chris' place, a bar on armitage that paul's friend michelle works at. i can't find a link anywhere for it. anyways, it was an awesome cheap little neighborhood bar and michelle served us up some "spooky drinks" and we played pool to a dj playing britpop/shoegaze (!).

then we headed to a party at brian's girlfriend kelly's friend's brother's house and then to club foot just to drop by and see if ginny, becky, or crew were there, but sadly, only one person was there who i recognized and he was FROM DC, so i pounced on him just to talk about dc. i think i said, "HEY! aren't you from dc? don't you work at the black cat? what are you doing here?" hah! he was a good sport about it and we talked about favorite black cat staffers. turns out he's in the explosion and they're opening for social distortion. anyways, so strange! after that, paul and i drove to a party that dustin told me about and we decided to opt out. paul was pretty tired and i realized that i was too.

we woke up early on sunday and joy and i went to get stuff from our houses while geoff and paul went shopping. they cooked up a hearty breakfast while joy and i sat and she made a comment about how great it was that they were barefoot and in the kitchen! after breakfast, i cleaned up and started laundry and paul and i went to see 'the grudge', came back and napped and then watched 'the ladykillers' and i scrambled to find someone to go see another movie. i succeeded and brendan and i went to go see a 10:00 showing of 'the motorcycle diaries' (finally) at landmark century cinema. i started reading amrita and it's already great. i've only got a couple more banana yoshimoto books to read now: goodbye tsugumi and dur dur. that brings us up to present day, where i am iming with jessikah about how awesome this weekend is going to be and now it's 9:00! :)
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